MNSSHPand MVMCP Prices - Read them and Weep

I saw these prices and my first response was “Holy (word I can’t use here)”. I am SO glad I have less than no desire to go to one of these…


It really is shocking, especially when tax is added on the that (which I didn’t realize when calculating in our trip) I’m so torn as to what to do. I only work part time so that’s a week salary for me.

Yeah, we were thinking of going in a couple of years b/c we’ve had more interest and missed the boat on our canceled Nov trip. Now, not so much

These prices haven’t really changed from past years, have they? Looking it over, it looks about the same to me. At least for the MNSSHP one.

That said, here’s the thing about the parties…they’re great under the following circumstances:

  1. You don’t have park hopper and want to do 2 parks in a single day.
    1a) Or you don’t have a park ticket at all for that day and want to get into MK for the night.
  2. You deseperately want to meet a character that just isn’t available any other time (like Jack Skellington)
  3. You deseperately want to see a night time parade at MK
  4. You’ve become somewhat bored of the standard theme of MK at night and deseperately want to see MK under a “different theme” than what you would normally see.
  5. You want fairly lower lines (even though the parks can feel even more crowded)
  6. You deseperately want to wear a costume in the park or get candy in the parks

If none of those really jump out and appeal to you… pass on it. It’s certainly a lot of money, especially when buying multiple tickets, for a slightly different experience.

I’m shocked too was going to try and do both for our stay but just to do MNSSHP on the day is going to come in at $495 … what % is tax ?

Hmmm, good thoughts. The biggest part is that if we stay at MK late that night for it there is no way we can RD a park the next day. I don’t know which park we could give up that rope drop. We get so many rides in that first hour, and with the tiers RD one fave ride and FP the other.

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Agree. I had thought about doing the MNSSHP and reduce Tix by one day but my special rate Tix beat the party Tix. With 5 people that just want to ride rides we will pass. Especially since last year we did MVMCP and rides we’re down through the night and crowds were not that reduced from day. However I did enjoy the Christmas parade.

Either the same or a very small increase compared with what I paid last year for MNSSHP.

Was it worth it? For me, no. My analysis is strongly influenced by the fact it rained the entire time.

What did I get for the money? 7DMT with minimal queuing. Peter Pan with minimal queuing. Haunted House with minimal queuing. POTC with no queuing. A parade with no headless horseman because of the rain. (Turns out I’m not that into the parades. I guess the music was catchy.) Castle fireworks and “projections” that was dismal compared with HEA. A bag of candy that I lost somewhere. Another bag of candy that I left as a gift to the people whose house I stayed in. General feeling of enduring bitterness about a washout.

Would I go again? No.

Should you go? I guess kids probably enjoy it.

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Is it cheaper if you have already purchased a daytime ticket? Like at Universal, the HHN ticket is cheaper if you are adding it on to a ticket for that day instead of just coming in at night.

Although those prices are more than I’ve ever paid for HHN.

Nope. It’s full price in addition to a “regular” full price day ticket (for a shortened day).