MNSSHP - Worth the $$?

Am heading back to WDW in the fall & thought it’d be fun to attend MNSSHP at least once (if not twice). I know the cost of tickets have gone up since I went last & was wondering if it was worth the $$? Do I have to have a park ticket to enter the park for the party or does the party ticket allow entry?

It sounds like you’ve answered your own question!

IMO if something is important to you it is worth the splurge.

If they keep things as they did this year with truly limited crowds it’s absolutely worth it. If they start overselling like they had gotten to in 2019 then no.


Assuming nothing changes for 2023, you do not need a separate park ticket to attend MNSSHP (only a MNSSHP ticket). In the past, WDW has started letting MNSSHP ticket holders into MK around 4 pm even though the party doesn’t start until 7:00 pm.

This likely varies by person (and family). For us, it is worth it once during each WDW visit. We would not find it worth attending twice during a visit. My kids (and DW and I) love the parade. I think the parade at MNSSHP is the best WDW parade. The fireworks show is good, but not amazing. The extra character meet and greets are fun, but some of the lines can be long. After the fireworks, however, some (but not all) of the meet and greet lines are shorter. Last October after the fireworks we were able to meet the Tweedles with a 5 minute wait. Stitch was about 15 minutes at that point.


Thank you!!

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Thank you!

I hope to pop down for quick overnight and take in our first MNSSHP this fall. We enjoyed MVMCP in 2019 and this is on our to do list.


Completely agree with this. I realize that I like parades that showcase talent, and this one completly does.

We like soing MNSSHP as our park day. Save money on your overall ticket and it brings down the cost significantly.


We did our first MNSSHP and MVMCP in 2019. We really enjoyed the Halloween one, and think it was much better than the Christmas one. We liked the parade, with its special effects that show well after dark. There’s the Hocus Pocus stage show, for those who care about it. We really liked the Cadaver Dans (they’re Reindeer Wranglers during MVMCP). Some of the rides had special effects or added human characters. A big part of the fun was seeing so many guests dressed in costumes, especially whole families or groups who were in coordinated outfits. There were a lot of clever ideas.

It was just DH and I (two retirees). No children in our group. We’re not big into character meets during the party, or trying to ride the coasters. We enjoyed some of our favorites such as HM, PoC, and JC. We also enjoyed getting a lot of candy treats!

We haven’t been back since pre-Covid, but I’d like to do MNSSHP again. MVMCP is one and done for us.


All of this!


When I’ve gone in the past, I had so much candy, I gave almost all of it to the CM’s at the Disney resort I was staying at. :lollipop: :chocolate_bar:

We went just this past Fall and really enjoyed it. I thought it was worth the money. Lines were short, especially after 7:00 when park closes to everyone else, and during the first parade. Loved the atmosphere, the fireworks, and it wasn’t too crowded. I’d do it again!


It’s worth it to do it once. For us, we decided next year we are skipping it!

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