MNSSHP ...worth it?

give me your thoughts :grin:

Depends on how much your into Halloween. Consider this though. You pay for a full day at MK and then are kicked out at 7pm. unless you have purchase tickets to stay. Normally this would be your time as well if the Halloween party wasn’t on so you basically pay twice. I am a Halloween type person so it was worth it for me MVMCP was not though. My outlook on the whole thing. :roll_eyes:

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“Worth it” is very very personal. It is highly dependent on your budget, your travel party, how you like to tour (esp with regard to hours of the day - are you a morning person or a night owl?), and how much you are into the special extras the event offers.

For us, it is sometimes worth it, and sometimes not. I think we enjoy the Halloween Party more than the Christmas Party, but it’s still wicked wicked hot at Halloween and that can take some of the enjoyment out of it for some.


It was definitely “worth it” to my older teens who stayed at the party the whole time and had a blast. My husband and I wound up taking our youngest back to the hotel after the fireworks because he just couldn’t hang and was falling asleep while we were sitting and waiting for the parade (I think it was the second one?). We didn’t do any other park that morning because we wanted him to be rested before the party. I wouldn’t take him again (for a few years), but I would love to do it again with the older two party animals.
We were at Disney for 8 days, but only bought 6 day tickets because we used the party as our “thing” for the day. I didn’t feel ripped off in any way.

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ty for your responses :slight_smile: Will definitely give it consideration - leaning towards going

If you haven’t gone before, I would definitely recommend it. The parade is great, the addition of candy is fun (but I found it a little “meh” myself, but kinda fun to “trick or treat” through the park), the castle show is fun, and just the little things are delightful (like the Cadaver Dans).

And if you’re into unique Character meets, it’s tough to beat.

Last year they started giving rides some themeing during the party, specifically the addition to Pirates, and hopefully it’ll go a step farther this time.

It really depends.

We aren’t Halloween people. We LOVED the Halloween Party. So much so that we’re doing it again!!

love them!

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We did not choose to attend MNSSHP, but we did go to MK on a Tuesday with MNSSHP.

If you are not a marathon touring planer and usually like mid-day breaks, this is a great way to go rope drop to 5-6pm with no break and still have a shorter day. The crowds felt depressed as others stayed away from MK with the earlier closing time.

It also makes a big difference if you have multiple days in MK, or are using MNSSHP (just the event time, not the day time) as half of your planned time in MK and returning on a regular day.

In other words, I could see it being a better value if I did NOT go to MK during that day until the allowed entry time a few hours before the party started. Saving on buying park hoppers and going to a different gate earlier to feel like you had hoppers, or if MNSSHP allowed me to not buy regular park tickets for the day.

I’ve been to three Halloween parties and enjoyed them all. But, we don’t go for the characters or for the fireworks show, we enjoy the parade (which we watch from Frontierland) and the special touches added to rides as well as the shorter lines. I think what you want to take advantage of during the party can impact your opinion of it. If you’re doing characters and fireworks it’s long waits and large crowds, especially in front of the castle in the hub or on Main Street. In the 3 parties I’ve done (2 of which were sold out) we never waited very long to ride any rides (most were walk on) and enjoyed less people in the lands. If you think you’d spend most of your time on rides, then it’s probably worth it.