MNSSHP worth it with littles?

We are debating going to MHSSHP in mid-October. The 7pm start time has me a little worried after a long day in the park, even if we do a mid-day break. Is it worth it with little kids? 6 and 3. Or just can it and enjoy the EMH the next day instead?

The 3 year old LOVES Moana and I’ve heard that’s the only time to see her too…

How late can your kids stay up? I, personally, would not spend that kind of money for 1/4 of the party time. Even with a wicked long nap, after 9pm my 4yo would be toast and let’s be honest as a parent of young kids, so would I! I would much, much rather enjoy the EMH.

FWIW, I think it’s a crime that you can’t meet Moana outside of the parties! I would book a character meal of PB&J in the parking lot if we could meet her!


You can always do a resort day and then go to the park in the evening. You can arrive at 4:00pm. I have daughters ages 9,6,and 2 and we plan to swim during the day and then do MNSSHP in the evening and sleep in a little the next morning!

We went when my boys were 3 and 6, and while we had a good time, it probably wasn’t worth the high price tag. We didn’t go to a park earlier that day, arrived at MK around 4:30, and left after the first parade. We were leaving the next day. I’d say it really depends on how your kids are with staying up late. Mine don’t do well with it—they’re not the kind of kids who will just sleep in the next morning to make up for it. We’re going back in September and debated trying it again (and posted here for opinions :blush:) but decided to wait until they’re older still (6 and 9 now)

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Can you have a non-park day that day and only do the party? Can your kids stay up that late?

My 6 and 8 year old enjoyed it a great deal the last time we went and were troupers the whole nihgt…my 2 yo on the other hand enjoyed a nap in the stroller from 8:00 until after the last parade at 11:45. Slept through EVERYTHING, even the fireworks! Luckily he was free at the time. Now if I had to buy a ticket for him it may not have been worth it.

Dont remember Moana being there or missed it but would have loved to see her!

We took our almost three year old, and she napped in the stroller and stayed up the rest of the night (she would have fallen asleep on the bus, but it was standing room only). We had a great experience. We’ll be trying it again (morning until midnight) now that she’s almost six and her sister is almost three. But our kids are not the type to just pass out at 8 PM. They go to bed on time because we make them, and fall asleep pretty quickly when made to stay in bed, but left to their own devices, they’ve stayed up as late as 3 AM before (we found out that the plan for them to sleep in the car on a road trip did not work too well). It really depends on the dispositions of your kids.

Last year Moana was at the Tiki Room

OMG! Totally missed her! I am checking this year for her

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The line for her starts gathering about the time they start wristband distribution! :slight_smile:

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I bet! We went first to the Dwarfs since that line also gets rediculously long. This year I know where my target is :wink: thanks!

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You’re welcome!

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We went last year in early October, our daughters were 9, 6, and 2 since oldest was still considered a child and youngest did not need a ticket. We had never been to MNSCHP and myself and older girls were wanting to go (DH not so much with the kids!). We went to MK in the morning and enjoyed rides while the park was less busy, then went back to hotel for a longer rest than other days. Got back to MK around 5pm. Both the 6 and 9 year olds were troupers the whole night (although 6 occasionally sat on the seat in the back of our stroller) and the 2 year old stayed up until about 9:30pm and then slept in the stroller almost until we arrived at the hotel. We went to Adventureland first, and Jane & Turk were meeting outside with very little wait as it was the beginning of the party and Tarzan was not there. Moana’s line was about 30 minutes, in the Tiki room. We all had a great time… even DH since he enjoyed the parade and saw Stitch dressed as Elvis!

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