MNSSHP with toddlers?

Taking DDs almost 3 and 18 mos next Oct. DH and I love MNSSHP but should we even attempt it with the littles? Neither will require a ticket and would do a resort day before the party. Maybe stay until fireworks and then head out?

We took our three-year-old and 18-month-old to the party last year and they had a blast! I think we even stayed pretty close to midnight (they were passed out in the stroller by then, of course!).


I did it with one 2 year old. And it was disastrous. However, I think the secret is to not do any other park that day. Relax ahead of time for the party. Also realize that they may pass out before getting your “money worth”. Its a pricey investment…you can always do something Halloween special instead- like going to Disney springs and getting some candy from Goofy’s candy shop. They have decorations up in early October at Disney springs.

Oh my. Two totally different ends of the spectrum! Haha. I was planning a resort pool day beforehand. And the fact that neither of them would require a ticket leads me to want to go for it since it would just be the cost for my husband and I, plus we aren’t paying for park tickets that day. Take the strollers, head over at 4. If we make it to fireworks I’d be thrilled!