MNSSHP with a toddler?

Now that tickets are out and I know the price… I can’t decide if we should do the Halloween party or not! We have one day in each park with myself, hubby, my mom (late 60s) DS (6) and DD (2)

My biggest concern is it being worth the investment with DD and if she will enjoy it and be able to stay up late enough to get our moneys worth out of it. I definitely don’t plan to stay the entire party, but at least want to make it to the fireworks.

My thought was we would do Hollywood Studios that morning (Tues 10/10), back to the hotel for a good nap after lunch, then head to MK as close to 4:00 as possible. Major bonus would be getting a few extra hours in MK to circle back to ride favs before the festivities begin.

Who has been? Is it worth it?

I think if you get a good nap in, it is do-able. That being said, I felt when I took my kids last year, that the crowd attending was a little more adult. Lots of bosoms seemed to be walking around the park. You may not feel this appropriate for your toddler. I didn’t feel as it is was, but that’s probably just me. Plus, we were actually there on Halloween and I also felt that some of the costumes were a bit too scary for little kids. I, myself, wouldn’t spend the money, but I am a local and can get back for the fireworks whenever I want, and can get plenty of Halloween in without having to pay the extra for the party. Maybe, someone with a different perspective would be more helpful.

We are not from the Orlando area and we went with our DD3 and DD2 last year and they had a great time, but I admit is was also more of an experience for the adults. Everyone loved the parade and seeing unique characters it really is a great time. We only did a few rides, spending a lot of time just walking around looking at the characters and Trick-or-Treating. We made it to the fireworks, but both kids were falling asleep in the stroller during the fireworks. We are going again this year. A huge reason for us is how well they deal with kids with the 8 major food allergies. It really is the only way they get to have a true Trick-or-Treat experience. As a family we love Halloween so that sways our opinion some too.

We aren’t huge Halloween people… or Disney villain fans so much. I would like to get some extra hours at Magic Kingdom… but I’m not sure it’s worth the price for a few extra hours, some trick or treating and a parade… I’m afraid my kids won’t be able to hang thru the fireworks (although I’m sure I would love them anyway lol)
Makes me wonder if just doing park hopper add-on would be a better choice to get some extra time at MK, maybe the morning before HS instead

If you’re not big on Halloween or villains, I’m not sure you would be able to find the value. We’re huge Halloween people so we love just being able to watch people walk by in their costumes while waiting for parades and shows. With the event only lasting from 7-12 (with entry beginning at 4), it doesn’t set you up for success in doing a whole lot. It’s an event where you have to decide what is important to you whether it be riding rides, watching parades and shows, trick or treating, or meeting characters.

I took DD when she was 3- that was 13 years ago. She had a fantastic time, but I admit that she had a big nap during the day. On top of falling asleep at dinner the night of the party. (Odd how some things stay in my memory bank but others don’t. Cue: algebra and labor pain.) If you and your family enjoy Halloween or think it would be fun to see the holiday fireworks, do it. I remember the parade was absolutely amazing, and she had so much fun that I thought it was worth it. Just plan a sleep in day the next day if possible.

We’re a family that loves Halloween, and DH and I have done the party, but we wouldn’t take DS3 - simply put, we can’t imagine him (or us) getting our money’s worth as a family. DH and I would do it again ourselves, but not with the little dude in tow. Too expensive for him.

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I love the party. I always spend 2 weeks at Disney in Sept and do Mickey’s party twice and Horror Nights at Universal once

I feel the exact same way as @Aahughes! My husband and I have done the party twice and it has been the highlight of our trips. But we are totally Halloween people and stayed until after closing. Now with DS1, I cannot imagine going to the party for at least 5-6 years. It is expensive (but worth it) and my son would be falling asleep at 9 tops even WITH a great nap.

It doesn’t sound like you are really into the party, but just the extra hours. I would suggest maybe the Early Morning Magic? That seems to have a fantastic value. Or even park hoppers. We LOVED having park hoppers with our son last year. We did MK most mornings and then Epcot most evenings. A perfect mix!

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I took my 3 (almost 4) year old a few years ago. We took a nap beforehand. However, he is the type of kid to fall asleep easily. He loved trick or treating and seeing some characters like the 7 Dwarfs. However, I do remember being in line for Jack Sparrow for a loooong time, and he nearly fell asleep. When I look back on the photos, I can tell he was tired (and definitely not impressed with Jack).

Maybe try to avoid long lines (esp for characters he may not know). More trick or treating, less standing in lines.