MNSSHP wash outs...?

So has a MNSSHP ever been cancelled because of rain?
What happens if it gets cancelled, are you just our your money?

The only reason they would cancel the party would be severe (ie hurricane) type conditions. However, that doesn’t mean they will still offer fireworks and/or shows. Those can all be (and have been in the past) cancelled due to inclement weather.

However, if a party was to be cancelled, Disney would refund your money.

We went to MNSSHP two years ago and it was rainy. As a result, the Hocus Pocus show was shortened and the Headless Horseman didn’t gallop down the street before the parade. Other than that, we didn’t notice any differences.

A cast member told us that they had to do at least the short Hocus Pocus show because they had already loaded the fireworks and the Horseman didn’t show because the horse could slip on the wet road.

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