MNSSHP trip next week!

I tried searching around for other threads about tips and such for the party, but came up short. Apologies if there’s something hiding from me somewhere; I don’t mean to crowd up the forums.

We’re (Me, DW, DS8) going to MNSSHP next Thursday (wooo!), arriving for 4pm entry and staying the entire time. DS8 wants to ride rides instead of focusing too much time on meet-n-greets or trick or treating. I obviously would like a bit of everything. I made a TP to use as a guide, but I know there are many party intangibles not included on the TP.

Question 1: 4-6pm early entry: we assumed this would be a good time to hit some short-queue rides and/or take in the scenery and such before the party kicks off. DS8 does not want to kill an hour+ waiting for Jack Skellington in this time, so I feel the next-best idea is rides & “atmosphere”…correct?

Question 2: Headless Horseman: must-see. Does he arrive (weather permitting) before BOTH Boo To You Parades, or just the 1st? Is Max Goof part of this or only if HH doesn’t partake? I can’t find a solid answer in my searching.

Our TP we’ll use as a loose guide has us doing rides here and there with the following

7pm: Cadaver Dans

8ish: get a spot for Hocus Pocus Villains Spelltacular. Would it be better to do an early show of this and leave the late night open for rides, or vice versa? The late show would free up time during the event and open up “extra” time at closing, which I feel would be the way to go?

9pm: Boo To You Parade (I think I’d rather do the early one, however, especially if the horseman is only at the 1st)

10ish: Not So Spooky Spectacular

Between all of that, our other must-do items we have are to meet Donald (and Daisy?), Goofy, and hopefully Stitch. As we move around the park we’ll take advantage of any short Trick-or-Treat lines we see, especially later in the night. It’s not too important otherwise.

Should I consider anything else? All tips welcome and appreciated. Thank you all :smiley:


I’m doing similar prep for next month. Becky’s post is what I plan on using as a general framework. Seems pretty efficient for a ride-centric approach but also getting in parade, fireworks, show.

Also, see OBNurse’s ongoing trip report, as she went to the party this past Sun night.

I don’t think I know enough yet to know of any potential issues with the plans and priorities you’ve described, but good luck! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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So, the Donald & Daisy meet was a 2+ hour wait at our party, right around 8:30, and I don’t even know how long the actual wait for Stitch was but the line took up the entire back corner of Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland in general was kinda chaos.

My advice is to get your bracelet and trick or treat bag by 6:00 and then GTFO Tomorrowland and Fantasyland until 8:00 or so. They sort of funnel everyone into that area when they enter the party, so it gets very crowded. We found that the trick or treats on the other side of the park (Frontierland, Liberty Square) were empty at around 7:30. You might do well to get in line for Donald & Daisy a little early if that’s important, though. There was another character back in the circus area that had a shorter line, but I can’t remember who it was.

I know in the past HH appeared before both parades, but I haven’t arrived early enough at my past 2 parties to see.


Thanks for the input. We were thinking Frontierland would be a smart start, then to Haunted Mansion or the other way around.

Goofy should be the other circus character, and as the wife’s gave he is most important :wink:

Thanks for that, I took some tips away and will look up the other trip report as well.

I can’t believe the luck I have here, with the weather concerns coming about. Last time we went to Disney, we also got caught in bad weather and even got stuck on a water ride getting poured on for almost an hour :expressionless:

My hopes have quickly gone from “get as much done as possible” to pray we don’t get a canceled flight or get rained out!