MNSSHP Touring Question

Hello, I’m finalizing my touring plans after a successful FP+ day. For the MNSSHP, I’ve heard that the attractions are given extra’s during the party (characters in different costumes, etc.) Does that start right at 7? I’d like to make sure we are doing the rides when they are in full Halloween mode!

Thank you!

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I know that POTC will have actors this year. The teacups will get a Halloween overlay as well. Both are new for 2018. Party guests (unless it changes this year) can enter the park at 4pm. They have had a special opening to the right by Tony’s. The party does not officially start until 7pm. I would assume the ride extras would not start until 7pm but we will have to wait and see. I would pop into chat the night of the first party for one the ground reporting.


wait whaaaaaat?! WOO HOO! One of my disappointments when I did the party last time was that, aside from the HM cast members and lights, there seemed to be zero “party” tells in the park.


Thanks! That’s kind of my assumption too. I freed up some time on our touring plan for that evening. The plan is footloose and fancy free for that night. The overlay at HM in particular looks awesome and we don’t want to miss it. I was hoping they’d start around 6:30 but I think you’re probably right.

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They added something to POTC - I think it was involving actors creeping around but can’t remember particulars.

Also, just found out yesterday that they’ll have a parade of kids in costume. A “costume promenade”. That sounds adorable.


When I did our Personalized Touring Plan for party night, I was pleasantly surprised to see that TP says very short waits. So far I’m not planning to do fpps for that night.

TP has us at Haunted Mansion at 7:08, which looks like a good idea if the Halloweeney fun probably is starting at 7pm, as you’re saying. Nice to see TP says 11min wait then, which I hope holds true. I’m updating that plan next (evaluating not optimizing unless I have to which I doubt).

We’re in park that day with regular ticket as well, so returning 5ish, using last day’s fpp for 7Ds- only fpp I could get was 5:15-6 that day (9 of us, so that affects things). QS dinner Pecos or CCH, and we’re off!

It’s our first MNSSHP, looks like it will be a blast!


Very similar. It’s our first trip and party too. We’ll try to leave around 4 and come back at 6 ish. You can’t do FP after the party starts, so that helps.

When is your trip? We’re 10/6-10/13 with our MNSSHP night on 10/8.

That is so cool @Cgarrett75. What a great way to visit disney 1st time since '85! Our trip is Sept 30-Oct 7. Our MNSSHP is Oct 2. There have been lots of threads re setting up fpps for the party. Official disney line is “not allowed” but in fact they are. Welcome to disneyspeak haha!

It’s a lot of loophole stuff to do those fpps. I was pleasantly surprised to see that our waits that night w/o fpps were HM ll mins & the rest of rides well under 10mins.

I’ll be checking that personal touring plan again, to see if that’s still holding.

You guys are going to have a blastie blast! And so are we!

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Yep! I’ve heard those too! We will definitely all have a blast. :grinning: