MNSSHP Touring Plans - how do you make your plan?

Wanting to do a personalized touring plan for MNSSHP, but can't figure out how to do it. The MNSSHP Touring plans aren't detailed enough for me. What do you all do?

Each year, I basically mix up the pre-made TPs to include some party activities and some rides. I also use Josh at EASYWDW's mnsshp guide. It has LOTS of photos, times, and tips. I end up with not a TP, but a schedule saved in Notes on my iphone. Then, I end up never looking at my plans during the party and just winging it, because the m&g lines are long, trick or treat lines are hit & miss, but attraction lines are short!!

The only things we end up doing successfully are being at the front of the line to meet Maleficent or villain of choice after Villain Show (hint: research where your line will be and line up as show starts. EDIT Are they doing the villain photo ops now that they're doing the Soiree?), and staking out a spot for Boo to You and HalloWishes, cuz they're AWESOME.

If you have any must-meet characters, find out where they'll be in advance. If Jack & Sally or 7 Dwarves are the top of your list, get in line by 6pm. Josh's guide will tell you how to work them both in if you want to meet both.

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Thanks @PianoMinnie smile I heard that they aren't doing the Villians Mix and Mingle this year bc of the Soiree. So - that's a bummer!

@Lentesta - can you lend a hand? I copied the MNSSHP TP and it won't let me evaluate, and isn't putting my FPP from 4-7 in the plan. Any suggestions?

Happy to help. At what time do you have FPPs for the party? And is this your plan titled "MVMCP Day1?"


I always advise you take advantage of the special events at the special event. Some people don't realize everything that's happening throughout the park and end up riding Space Mountain 10x. To each his own, but I personally enjoy the "festive" things.

My plan of attack for these parties is to target the parade (there are usually 2, the later one is less crowded) and don't miss the fireworks. There is only one fireworks viewing and it's awesome.

The characters are pretty standard from year to year so if you find past maps you should be in pretty good shape. The lines for characters die down as the night goes on but they don't always stay out until the end of the party, so be sure to check the times guide and make sure you plan accordingly.

Maleficent and the Evil Queen are only at the Soiree' (for an extra $99) but you'll find other characters out and about and the favorites will be in their Halloween costumes.

Of course there's trick-or-treating along the way but to me sometimes the detour to get a tiny piece of chocolate isn't worth missing out on everything else.

The dance parties, etc. are scattered around the park and each themed differently. Those also end at different times.

I love to wait it out until the very end, it's so nice strolling through the Magic Kingdom with no one else there!


Thanks so much! I love to hear everyone's take on how they strategize, and really appreciate it all!!

Hi! Yeah, I also like to try to do as many only-at-the-party things as I can, and save rides for other times. I like to see the parade twice, and watch the fireworks, and schedule around those. We also had success getting in line for one important character M&G around 6 so we were one of the first ones in at 7, and could get on with the party after that -- for us, it was meeting the princesses with their princes in Fairytale Hall. I also like to make sure I get at least one special party snack. We also ducked into a dance party, but the music was too loud for DD so we didn't stay.

I've done two parties, and here's one more piece of advice -- on the nights I was there, it was so crowded that getting around the park (especially with a stroller) took a lot more time and effort than expected. So for my second party I made the plan so that I didn't have to do much back-tracking through the park, to minimize pushing through the crowds.

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That sounds like good advice @B_squared. We will have 2 wheelchairs, and it will be Halloween evening! So, I will definitely look at my plan and see how we can avoid back tracking!

If you are going to stay for the whole party, the second parade is definitely less crowded, and the place clears out a lot after fireworks.

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If you have wheelchairs in your party i'd advise against trying to watch the parade from Mainstreet, it's very crowded and the fellow parade watchers are not always so pleasant in that area. Try over in the Frontierland area where the parade starts (back by Splash Mountain) you'll be able to see everything really close up and in a much less crowded environment (especially the 2nd parade) and then you'll be able to move around freely a few minutes before everyone else b/c you'll see it first, then it will work its way down to Mainstreet.

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That's my plan smile

Oh wow - thanks for the tip!