MNSSHP-touring plan

does anyone have a MNSSHP touring plan they would like to share, if you even make one? I am having a problem deciding what to do.

I made one but there’s practically no rides on it just FYI. Want to focus on party activities and meet n greets. Should I post it?

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Please :smiley: @mALYficent

You’ll see a couple extra food locations in there, those are actually meet n greets, I just used locations to Optimize to.

@mALYficent good idea using the food locations!! I will add those in.

when does info on the party come out, what dance parties they will have etc…

Not sure. I’m just going off of last year’s schedule

The gurus have three ready-made MNSSHP plans

hi @chilepeppr4
this is my TP for MNSSHP:
We only have 2 days at MK so we are going in the morning of the party to maximize how much we can get done. we have never been to the party before either so I hope this works out and like @mALYficent did, I also went off the map from 2014 for info. We aren’t doing character meets b/c my kids won’t tolerate the lines for the characters which I have heard are long during the Halloween party. they are very excited to trick or treat though! I think my DD5 will be scared of the villians (she has already talked nervously about whether they will be at the party) so I think we will skip the vilians castle show and DS will have to go with DH alone into the villians dance party which I am sure he will think is cool.

Will a new TP be created for 2017?