MNSSHP Tickets Now on Sale

Tickets are now on sale for the 2019 MNSSHP. First night is August 16th (totally ridiculous in my opinion). Prices start at $79 and gradually go up, peaking at $135 on Oct 31st (also ridiculous in my opinion).

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Wow already

That’s two weeks earlier then ever isn’t it? We went to the second one in 2017, which was something like the 1st September.

Thank you for sharing this. I wonder when Universal’s HHN tickets will be on sale.

Friday 13, Sunday 15 or Tuesday 17 Sept? Decisions😨.

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Thanks for this - booking now!:blush:

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Me too.:slight_smile:

Will MVMCP start at the beginning of November now?

It always has. We went November 9th in 2017. I think that was the 2nd or 3rd day it was offered.

I saw this earlier…my family will be leaving on August 14th :disappointed:

so close (not that it was even on my radar initially)

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Yes, but I bought some tickets and it feels like something definite for my trip. Another step closer. … .

I didn’t think the Christmas decorations went up until after Thanksgiving. Is it beginning of November for decorations also, or do they just have the party without them?

I believe the decorations go up almost immediately after Halloween. Everything was decorated when we arrived November 5th.

I think the resorts are much slower on the decorations, but MK is very fast.

I know you said you already bought tickets, but Friday 13th seems very appropriate for a Halloween Party…:ghost:

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I know and that’s the date I would have chosen but I was outvoted. DD thinks Sunday will be quieter. Actually it is HHN we are really excited about.

Ahhh…you prefer the “be scared to death” approach. I’ve heard (@PrincipalTinker) than HHN is very intense.

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It is very intense but I think there is a point along the way that the whole night becomes amazing! It is not in my plans for this night but I am already hoping for HHN XXX!

Edited to add: I cannot help but smile as I remember the zombie girl following my son within inches, chainsaw in hand, trying to get a response…


So, not an event for young ones, huh? Lol!

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