MNSSHP ticket question

Hi-this is my first post here! My husband and I are going to be surprising our little girl who is turning five on September 1st with tickets for the family to go to MNSSHP on September 2nd. We have booked a hotel with points (we can cancel by 8/31 with no penalties) but I am leery about buying non refundable party tickets too far in advance just in case one of our four kids gets really sick, etc. Have any of y’all ever bought party tickets the day of at the Magic Kingdom? The thought of that makes me nervous, but the thought of losing $430 something due to an emergency makes me even more nervous. Thanks, y’all!

I know that some days sell out. So, there’s that to consider too. Would travel insurance help?

You could also consider purchasing a travel insurance plan to cover the cost if something happens. We almost always do this with vacations because it gives us the freedom to take advantage of cheaper, nonrefundable rates for things, such as renting DVC points for resort stays.

Def get travel insurance … And make sure it covers them. Cause as u know your out of all that money if something happens. I also going sept 13-- :slight_smile: have fun ! Fingers crossed for great trip for u

I would go with the advice everyone else has given; I think you’d be taking a bigger gamble by waiting until the day of to try to buy party tickets.

Okay-thanks for y’all’s input! You affirmed what I was thinking to begin with.