MNSSHP - swap ticket user?

I bought 2 adult tix to MNSSHP for our trip later this month. I assigned them to my DDIL and DS (both adults). Now my DDIL (for multiple reasons) is not interested in going. Would there be an issue with either one of these options:

  1. My son takes his 4 year old son (my DGS) instead.
  • I know he’d be using an adult tix (waste of $) but could we use my DDIL’s MB for my DGS’s tix/access?
  1. Other option - my other DS goes with his brother
  • So the other son/brother would need to use the DDIL MB - a MB with a woman’s name…

I am not sure how they confirm your right to be at the party so worried neither plan would work. They state the party tix are non-refundable but in reality - could we just get a refund for the DDIL and buy another tix (assuming not sold out)?

I would recommend calling the ticket specialists at Disney and seeing if they can transfer the ticket. I think that would work better than trying to use someone else’s band linked to a different finger print. They may say non-refundable, but I’d guess they’d let you transfer it.


I just checked my MNSSHP tickets and it says nontransferable, but I agree with @SnowWhiteDoc; I bet if you call Disney they can help you out. I had to cancel my trip last year because my father was ill and they actually refunded my MNSSHP tickets. I would not risk trying to use another person’s magic band; you could end up locking it out

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You can transfer the tickets yourself on MDE. If the person you transfer to does not have their own Magic band, Then you will need to stop by guest services to get an RFID card for entry and FP access.

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AuntB - I checked on MDE and it’s not an option for those tix, only our park ones…
thanks though.

Do you manage the profile the party ticket is assigned to? If no then the person who manages that profile must assign the ticket to the new person. I just tested in my own MDE and you definitely can assign/transfer party tickets to a new profile.

If you can’t get it to work, call Disney IT. They will move it for you.

thanks - I think my son does manage those profiles so I will try that!