MNSSHP starts August 9th; tickets on sale May 8

I thought many of these weren’t loaded at the 60+10 last year. Or maybe I’m thinking of Fantasmic. You can also do same day, walk-up CP package at Regal Eagle.

Is this the official thread?

Just got my tickets for Oct. 3. So excited. Going with two friends to celebrate the year of turning 50!

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Yea!! I got 2 for the 31st!

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Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

limited treats.

I haven’t been to this party before but for Christmas the one time I went there were a couple of special foods only during the parties. I remember a very tasty Jack Skellington treat. He was carrying a black sack (fondant) with some sort of carrot cake inside. He was white chocolate. So good.


I don’t want to spend too much time standing in line but I want to meet at least one character. I’m thinking Daisy and Minnie would be my favorites.

the parade, the shows, the fireworks.

LOVE. I can’t wait.

What are you excited for?

This is the best part. Make sure you get to a good viewing spot early (I like Frontierland) so you are in the front row. We usually find a spot and then I go off to get …

to bring back to the family to enjoy while waiting for the parade to start.


Boo To You is truly one of the very best parades Disney offers!

I agree that Frontierland is great for this. I like to position myself near Liberty Square right about in front of the Liberty Belle. Get there around 30-40 minutes before the parade and you’ll have your choice of spots.


Sweet treats aren’t one of them, lol. Inless I can find some dark chocolate.
I want to see the decorations, entertainment parades, special fireworks ride overlays (is is just Haunted Mansion). Also I LOVE fall. So I feel like I’m going to enjoy the season.

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Would it be so difficult to theme up Jungle Cruise? They do it for Christmas.

It could be Trouble Cruise or Jungle Krews and it gets taken over by not so spooky creatures and there are jackolanterns everywhere.

Hey Disney, if you’re listening, I’m up for a new career as an imagineer…


I like it! Even have new limited time skipper jokes.

One reason to not re-theme Jungle Cruise for Halloween is that it would mean more days that the ride is shut down to prepare and remove the overlays. Guests don’t like it when rides are offline for their day at that park.

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