MNSSHP Sept 2020 Dates

Based on past September calendars, it looks like party days are Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays during that month (with the exception of Labor Day). So why does the Touring Plans calendar predict the park to be open on Sunday Sept 20, 2020 until 10pm, and no party that night? I’m working on my Touring Plans, and every other Sunday that month (and Tuesdays and Fridays) are predicted MNSSHP nights. Is there some change that is expected, or is this a mistake by Touring Plans? Thanks for any thoughts on this.

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That far in advance TP isn’t great at this. They just copy & paste most of the crowd level info and update the program as the time gets closer. When will it update that far out? I really don’t know. They do a monthly update each month, but that tends to focus on the next month on the calendar.

IMHO - You’re gonna have to wait until midsummer before you can reliably make even a first draft. You can make a “tentative” plan now. I’m actually planning a trip that is arriving on 9/20/20 and have that plan basically made. However, from years of experience using TP, I know it’s just a rough draft until after July. (Even then I’ll update it multiple times until about a day or two before I depart.)

So then you have to work around your dining plans if you are on the dining plan by then?

I feel like MNSSHP dates were announced February last year - like I think we knew in February when making 180 day dinner reservations for August. We intentionally planned our trip around our party night.

I no longer use the DDP. After a couple times I figured out the math and it doesn’t save me any money. (I truly do not recommend it to anyone… but some people like paying in advance, even if they are overpaying…)

However, if you’re asking me about how to factor in dining this far out… I put in the places / times for the ADRs in my plan. I’m booking them 6 months out, so it’s not like I can’t be a bit flexible. Also, I’m a eat early or late person to avoid the meal rushes. This makes it easier to get the meal times I want. Plus, if you aren’t familiar with it Touring Plans has a dining reservation finder that is amazing, I’ve really never not gotten the ADR I wanted.

Bumping this up as I just tried to start planning my days and TP is estimating 3 party days in a row, October 18, 19 and 20? I looked and last year there weren’t any stretches of 3 days in a row (even on actual Halloween when we went). I’m just curious why it might be predicting this? I’m just trying to plan whether I fly in on Saturday or Sunday at this point but I was surprised to see so many parties. I guess I will have to be a little more patient for them to release the actual dates!

Yeah… that is strange. The only unofficial, but kinda “offical” info I know of is that the parties will start on Aug. 13th this year. (the earliest start date ever…)

So I am wondering if it’s somehow trying to account for this early cast member event closure that happened on October 22nd. Maybe they’re trying to account for that possibility again. I don’t have to book flights until mid-March so mayyyybe they’ll publish actual party dates before that!

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