MNSSHP Ride Overlays

When do the ride overlays start? We have party tickets, and were planning on arriving around 5pm. We’d like to ride Space Mountain BEFORE the overlay, since the overlay is completely in the dark. We want to ride it normal-style.
Will the ride switch over at 7pm when the party officially starts?
The last projected fastpass window is 5:30-6:00, so maybe it switches at 6?
Wondering same thing about the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, that’s one that we’d like to hit right before the party when it’s the Laugh Floor and then do it also when it switches to the Dance Party.

i’m also curious on when the special photos start!!?? do the entrance and town square ones start earlier than say the ghosts at Haunted Mansion? I kinda wanted to get the photos out of the way first because they are a top priority for me!

I agree!

I am also curious about this because my first MNSSHP is this upcoming trip in September. I’m very excited and don’t want to miss a single thing (extra photo, ride overlay, etc…) :slight_smile:

We’re planning Laugh Floor as well because those are our Halloween costumes. Interested to know the answer!

In my experience the overlays don’t start until 7pm or slightly after. As far as special photos one year they were at entrance taking magic shots well before 7pm but no where else. I have had CM decline party magic shots before 7pm. I have also gotten them to take them by being nice and asking if the have any party magic shots while showing my party band. It pays to be nice and respectful to CM always.


We went during a Halloween party and there was no difference in the laugh floor.

I think this year is the start of the change? I’m not sure if it was done before? Could be wrong though.

But all “changes” start at around 7pm, as already mentioned. :slight_smile:

That would be awesome. We will be there soon for a party and I can’t wait!

I noticed not too much last year or years prior. Just more magic shots and cast outside of the haunted mansion.

Laugh Floor is closed during the party, need to visit beforehand - at least that’s what I thought?

thank you so much! i’ll arrange my TP to have them at party start time (or ever so slightly before)!

The site is a little ambiguous? Or does this sound like normal Monsters Inc. Laugh floor stuff?( I’ve never been during normal operations)

  • NEW! Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor : Follow a treat trail from our Human World into the Monster World and interact with a comic cast of monsters eager to learn about this holiday we call Halloween.
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I haven’t researched MNSSHP much so far, I’ve never been & I figured I’d wait until Sept to plan our night (I already have my FPs from 3:30 on). Thanks, it sounds like it WILL be open after all!

Laugh floor was a trick or treat location last year. I don’t think there will be a shows during MNSSHP.

According to DPB “a new interactive treat trail at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor”

It was open during 2016, but we didn’t try last year.

The overlays start at 7 when the party is officially started. Space mountain was down for the first 10 mins though jut sure if that was for the change over or not. Very different ride in comlplete darkness. Part specific Magic shots didnt start until after 7 either. Headless horseman magic shot is outside the main entrance so catch that one on your way out if you leave before the masses. I did notice that the lines for character meets were waiting for the characters well before the 7:00 start time.

I’ve been curious, is it “spooky” at all or just disorienting?

I felt it was just disorienting. I was a little disappointed to be completely honest

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Yes dissorienting…not spooky at all. You can not see anything so you cant anticipate direction or ups an downs. Makes it fun.

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