Any thoughts on what is the best day to do MNSSHP? We are going in September and the days for the party during our stay are Sunday (9/20), Tuesday (9/22), and Friday (9/25). Our trip is 9/19-9/26.

In the past there have been crowd calendars ranking the parties. The Tuesday date is usually the less crowded date.


The TP blog usually has an article on the best days to go to the party - search for last year’s article and it should give you a good starting point.


Here is a link to last year’s blog for those who are interested

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Thanks! I hadn’t stumbled across that page yet. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there the week before Threnody and plan to get MNSSHP tix for either Tues 9/15 or Fri 9/18 and was really wondering what to expect. Overall crowds that week are low, so I was hoping it wouldn’t be too crowded.

Does anyone know if they will have all the same features, events, and decorations up for the September dates as they will closer to Halloween?

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I believe that it is exactly the same throughout the duration of the party.