MNSSHP / Pin question

I don’t know if we have many (or any) pin people here, but I wondered if anyone knew of a (reliable) site that people use to actually trade on?
They have party exclusive mystery pins at MNSSHP & out of 8 pins I ended up with 3 duplicates. Since they are expensive, I don’t want to use them are regular ‘traders’ next time I go to the park and I won’t be able to purchase more (unless I go the ebay route, which is a whole different story LOL) I was hoping to find other people that might have dups of pins to trade with, but really didn’t know where to go with that

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I collect Disney World pins and have for many years. I don’t trade pins but rather collect them to represent places I have been or parties. I just snagged a 2018 MNSSHP pin for $21 which includes $3,50 S&H. That isn’t cheap but on average they were selling for $25 excluding S&H. Now if you are in it for the trading at the parks, suggest you go to ebay and buy in bulk. (50-100). Here the fun is in the trading rather than the collecting. You will rarely if ever find the more sought after pins when trading at the parks. Hope this helps.

There’s a lot of groups on Facebook for pin trading/selling that’s a much better alternative to eBay (if Instagram is more your thing there are a lot of pin sellers/traders on Instagram, but don’t ask me how that works because I use my Instragam like 2.4 times a year). If you want any recommendations for Facebook, DM me.

I collect pins as souviners, and I also do trading when I am in the parks. I was at the party & bought a few pins in addition to the mystery boxes. I just ended up with some dups :slight_smile: