We will have 2 double strollers when we watch the MNSSHP parade. What is the etiquette in terms of stroller parking? Can we stay on the sidewalk on Main Street and push our strollers right up to the curb next to each other. So our kids can watch from their stroller seats while we stand behind them. Or is this not allowed? Another question: how long does it take for the MNSSHP parade to get from Frontierland to Main Street?

It’s allowed, just get there early so you’re not bumping into people when getting settled. I’d try to get room for at least one adult to be next to the stroller not behind just in case one of the kids gets scared or needs something.


Hi, @HappyBabies ! I think the parade is around 15 minutes long, with the headless horseman trotting along the parade route 10 minutes in advance. If you are looking to watch from somewhere along Main St., it’ll probably take 10 minutes or so to reach you. Hope that helps a bit !

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You will be more likely to get jammed in or shoved back if you watch the parade from Mainstreet, just so you know. We like to watch from the back, where it starts, by Splash Mountain. It’s much less crowded back there and then you can move around after it’s done instead of being stuck on Mainstreet with all the traffic trying to leave. You’ll find yourself like a sitting duck with a stampede coming through. Another option, if you’re looking to see the fireworks too, is to locate near Liberty Tree Tavern and as the parade ends make your way toward the bridge b/c you’ll get a side view of the fireworks over the castle. There is normally only 1 fireworks show, but two parades, the second parade is always less crowded but it sounds like your group is pretty young so that might not work for you.