MNSSHP or Universal Horror Night

Which do you think would be better? MNSSHP or Universal Horror Night?


Depends on your party/family and if you prefer Disney’s version of child-friendly spooky or like horror films and want to feel like you’re in one and about to be murdered.

As far as actual value for the ticket price, I’ll have to defer to others that have first hand experience. Similar number of total hours, HHN is about half the price, but hard to see all the houses without XP or tour on most nights. Lots of factors to consider and personal preferences to navigate on what’s a good use of money and time.


What @Tall_Paul1 said.

I am not the biggest Halloween fan to begin with, but I’ll definitely take Disney’s fun and friendly take on it. I despise horror houses, so there would be no point in going to Universal for that for me.

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Big vote for HHN, with XP as noted.

I’m Halloween people, and I like both but if I’m picking just one then it’s HHN, no hesitation. I just like scary stuff more.

My friends and I do HHN every year in mid-to-late September, no XP but for 3 nights. We get the Rush of Fear pass (gets you in every night in September) for $130, and either have APs or just daytime hoppers. We see every house at least twice, and some we do 5-6 times, and we’re never rushed.


This. They are completely different and not comparable. I enjoy them both for different reasons. HHN is is like being in a top notch horror movie and has very well done (and scary) haunted houses. MNSSHP is a family friendly Halloween themed evening at MK with a great parade and fireworks.


TR please!!

I would love to do HHN, but I can’t see a way for us to travel at that time of year again until the kids leave school which is still many years away :pensive:

To put it simply, they are completely different monsters :laughing:
We are frequent haunted attraction visitors including the ones that allow contact. Saying that DD13 whom has been visiting haunts since 5, wasn’t comfortable with the thought of doing HHN until “at least 13”. Mainly because of the party atmosphere. The draw for MNSSHP is on my wish list for a few characters and being able to dress up.