Has anyone used DAS during a party? How does it work since the FP system is shut down during parties? Thanks!

Or how about DAS during EMH? That should function in a similar way, since no FPs.

Help me DAS??? not ringing a bell. Never mind, just figured it out. Never used at all, so I am no help

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Disability Access Service. For those unable to wait in lines for medical reasons, you can get a return time equivalent to the current wait time. So, you don’t have to physically stand in the line.

As I understand it, at your return time you use the FP line to access the ride. I could be wrong on that, but I would assume this means that when the FP line is inactive, you can’t use DAS.

I do not know the answer, but I suspect there is another way to get to the front with DAS if there is no FP line or the FP line is not open. There was likely a DAS pass before there was a Fastpass system. I would call WDW if this is something that may apply to you.

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I’ve not been able to use DAS at the parties or EMH. The CMs told me that since the FP is shut down, you just have to wait in line. Luckily, that’s never been an issue for me because the lines are so short during both.

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Thanks for sharing! This is what I figured. I’m mostly concerned with 7DMT during the party. I think it will be our only chance to ride it and I’ve heard the lines are still 45 minutes or longer. Depending on time of day that might be a problem.

No prob! I have waited to do 7DMT after (or during) the fireworks and haven’t waited very long at all.