MNSSHP merch question

Does anyone know where I can find the prices for the party merch? I bought a shirt for my DS’s gf & it is too small - I have no idea where the receipt ended up - I know someone at work that is going in October. She is not someone I am close to, but I was going to ask her if she could buy me one, but I would need to give her the $.
If that doesn’t work out - does anyone know of a ‘Disney personal shopper’ that is reasonable.
I should have never listened to my son on the size - sigh

There are three ways I can think of. First is to shop Disney store. com. Second is to try Ebay. and third is to have someone you know that is going to purchase one on property. Usually party shirts are hard to get without being there for MNSSHP.

I’m going in October to MNSSHP and would be happy to pick something up and send to you. We are going to the Oct 16th party

Mine was $28.16 (odd number, but that’s what the receipt says). This was the party shirt. I think the non party shirts were a few bucks cheaper.