MNSSHP - Fireworks time

I am currently putting together our family’s 1st DW trip! Looking at MNSSHP on 10/29 since my girls (6 & 4) have appointments at the BBB at 3:40 & 3:50. Does anyone know what time the fireworks typically occur? I found the time for the 1st parade to be at 8:30. I don’t see us making it until 10:30 at the latest so I just want to make sure it is worth the money to purchase the MNSSHP tickets for my young girls. Thank you!

It looks like they were at 10:15pm last year. I would assume similar this year. Make sure your girls get a long afternoon nap if you decide to do the party! It looks amazing, I am going for the first time in October as well.

We watched the fireworks from the train station and left immediately after. That did get us on the first bus out to our resort but we did have a fair wait for the bus and it was standing room only. It was worth it to us to see the fireworks.