MNSSHP Fastpass?

I looked, but couldn’t find the answer. We will be doing MNSSHP one night while we are there and wondering if we are allowed to make fastpass reservations for that evening? We won’t be doing any other park that day (that morning will be our “off” day). Or do we not do fastpass because it is considered a controlled entrance event?

thank you

Fastpasses are unavailable for MNSSHP.
You will not need them!

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let’s hope not :wink:

With the caveat that as you are able to enter the park at 4:00pm with your party ticket (assuming you are not planning on being at MK before that on a regular ticket), you are actually able to make FPP reservations from 4:00pm to 6:00pm (when the park closes for regular guests) on your MNSSHP ticket. But not from 6-7pm (the transition time) or 7pm on (when the party is going on). And no pre-booked FPP if you already have FPP for another park already that day (i.e. if you are using the party ticket as a kind of “hopper”).

There were some issues last year with FPP made on MNSSHP tickets being cancelled after the fact, as the system may think you are trying to reserve for more days than you have tickets. A call to guest services set it straight. I would also recommend if doing this that on your FPP day, you book FPP for your regular ticket days first. Then book the MNSSHP day last, and the system will recognize that as an additional ticket that you can get FPP for. Or at least it worked for me.


Good to know!

I am planning the same thing - using MNSSHP tickets on an off park day, but was planning to wait until I have some idea of the weather for that day to purchase tickets (like a week out). Is that a bad idea?

It’s for The second august party. Should I make sure to have purchased them ahead of the 60 day window if I want to book a couple of FFP on that separate ticket?

Do you link that ticket in MDE just like you would a regular ticket?

They are a limited ticket event, and with star wars opening up I would be very careful :slight_smile:

Thank you. We wont be at any other parks that day so i will make 3 FP in that two hour span! Thank you

Thankfully we miss Star War’s opening by less than a week! I am just trying to get up the enthusiasm to buy non-refundable tickets for 3 six-year-olds and myself. :flushed: It’s definitely a splurge for our trip!

Would you consider not buying the party tickets in advance and just seeing how much energy the children have left on the day?

Just want to second the accuracy and thoroughness of everything she said here!

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It’s our non-park day otherwise. So I plan to be low key with some pool time and visiting Disney Springs. I think a Tuesday in August before GE shouldn’t be high demand, but a day of purchase is maybe more last minute than I want to do. Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy ahead of my FPP window. :woman_shrugging:

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Yes you link the ticket in MDE, it will have a separate ticket number. I can’t remember if I had to link it manually or if it showed up by itself (I booked over the phone). And yes in order to book FPP, you have to have it linked.

As to whether it makes sense for you money wise, and when to buy, I can’t help other than to say depending on how long you plan to be at the party, it is like a full 8 hr day (ok my kids lasted 4 hours but oh well). So comparing adding another day to your regular tickets vs. buying a party ticket, it’s basically the same price for the August parties. Just mentioning in case that perspective makes it sound not as expensive (it did for me anyway, I thought of it as basically a swap out- 1 park day for 1 party, same total price).

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We did this last year! We booked FPP from 3:30-4:30, 4:30-530 and 5:30-6pm. We had 4 day tix and the party was our last day of our trip. If you do some searching you will see that some people lost their last day of fast passes if they did fast passes on their party ticket and they had more days in the parks after the party. Basically, the system doesn’t recognize the party ticket as “official” ticket media. So it would see you had 5 days of fast passes but only 4 days of parks tickets and then drop your last day. The best way to avoid this without making dummy accounts for your party tix was to make the party day be your last day of the trip. We arrived at the park so we could get in right at 4, took the train around and did Splash, BTMRR and Pirates with our fast passes.

Our first day into the park will be MNSSHP. So do I need to setup a dummy account to ensure my FFP selections are not deleted? If so, educate me an a dummy account please.

Same here…ours is 2nd day. Guess i need to make dummy account? Not sure how to do that

I booked FPP for MNSSHP with my regular MDE account. It’s not so much the order of the party day in your plans, but the order in which you book your FPP. Book your FPP for regular ticket days first (e.g. trip days 2-7) then FPP for your party day last (e.g. trip day 1). Then watch your account. I think the problems aren’t so much with FPP for the party being deleted but with FPP for park days after the party.

My FPP for my last trip day (day after MNSSHP) were deleted at some point but all I did was call guest services, they could see all my tickets including party ticket to verify I could book FPP for all those days, they could see what FPP were deleted, and they gave me new FPP for the same attractions I had previously booked that had been deleted (and thinking back on it now, I think they were anytime FPP because they showed up without a set time slot and I’m pretty sure we used them at different times than my original plan).

You could maybe do the dummy account thing (I will defer to the experts on that as I don’t know how that works) but it probably wouldn’t be linked to your resort reservation if you have one.