Mnsshp extras

Keep in mind as with the other extras list these are not tips/extras i can verify. We will probably be trying some on our upcoming trip and party night. Please feel free to add to the list and thanks to everyone for providing the extras i already have

  • take a pillowcase, backpack, or extra bag for candy because the bag the give you is small and fills fast.

  • characters can start meeting as early as 5 pm.

  • trick or treat later in the night because they give you more so they do not have to carry it back and you will not be carrying it all night long.

  • character lines can be long and get closed early so line up early if it is something on your must list.

  • front of park is less crowed for fireworks and parade. Makes it easy to leave after.

  • you can cut through stores on main street if you are trapped by parade and wanting to leave

  • watch parade near sleepy hallow as the headless horseman slows way down to cross the bridge.

  • get special mnsshp magic shots. They usually do not start doing them until 7 pm

  • later shows and second parade are less crowded.

  • definitely hit the trail near tonys town square when entering for mnsshp for trick or treating it is a nice candy stop.

  • some candy stops are allergy friendly and have things like ghost peeps etc.

That’s all i have. Hope you find it helpful.


Thank you for sharing these lists. I have been meaning to do something like this for our trip but your lists are so good I no longer need to. :relaxed:

in addition to this, the lines are a bit lower. On the first couple of hours, the lines for candy can be INSANE. So the later you can hang in there the better off you are, I think

Thank you for sharing. I keep reading about a candy tail by Tony’s but I don’t see it on the map. Are there other stops not on the map? What was so special about the Tony’s trail? Maybe this is the allergy friendly stop that’s on the map?

Nothing really special about it other than it’s usually not open and is considered the “starting point” of the trick-or-treating. The area is usually closed off and only opened during special events and/or a “run off” area for when crowd levels get nuts and they need some extra room so main st isn’t gridlocked completely. There’s some statues back there, but that’s about it.

If you arrive at the park around the start of the party, you will actually be directed into it, the only people who would probably miss it are those who have already been in the park for a while. Even then, all you have to do is head toward tony’s and follow the crowd.

Thank you!