MNSSHP Discounted Tickets

Touring Plans is the best for finding the best priced park tickets! Does anyone have any idea how to find the best priced MNSSHP tickets? I received an email today from ticketsatwork offering these tickets for sale so they must be with other brokers.

Interesting. I see them on Undercover Tourist for $78.81 for the earlier parties. What price does ticketsatwork have?

That’s not much of a discount.

Actually, depending on which parties, this is actually the same cost (with tax) that they are at the gate. They are $74 plus tax til 9/15

Just checked Tickets at Work through my work and they are offered for mostly the Sunday night parties in September at $69 (pre-tax) versus the Disney $82. I would definitely use this offer if my dates lined up. I think it’s probably the best you’re going to get. I’ve never heard of MNSSHP discounts before. The AP discount is like $4!

Umm, I guess I take that back. The pre-tax price for those nights should be $74. Not sure why TaW is listing $82! What a scam. I guess it is still a $5 savings, but still.

Where are you seeing Disney price of $82? I am showing all parties on Sundays in Sept are $74. In fact, nearly all are that price. Three fridays are $88 plus tax.

ETA : Nevermind I see your next post now.

Sorry, I didn’t see your post either! I had the thread open while I was visiting Tickets at Work, at work, and then got “distracted” by non-Disney things.

This actually makes me kinda angry and much less inclined to buy anything else through this site! I’m actually trying to contact them to complain.

I’ll be curious to hear what they say! I’m glad you’re calling them out

There are military discounts for the early parties (25 & 29 August; 1, 7, 10, 12, 17, & 24 September, $53.25 adult, $49.75 child), but not for the one I’m going to, sadly. That’s a nice discount.

Kind of a disappointing response! They don’t seem to indicate that they have any desire to fix it.

“I do apologize that our website is out of date. The information you see online is provided to us by the venue itself. Their prices may have changed from the last time they have provided us with update information. If you need assistance, call the number below and speak with a live Customer Care Agent.”

I’ll probably just continue to use my sister’s discounts from Mass General. They seem to be better than these anyway!

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