MNSSHP Day Strategy

Hi !

I will be visiting Disney World August 8th-17th. I am struggling with making my park reservations, especially for MK.

What is the best strategy to use during the MNSSHP day if I am planning to attend it.

Should I make it a full MK day and take advantage of the lighter crowds during the day or should I go to another park and hop back to MK at 4 PM for MNSSHP event and do my MK day during. non-MNSSHP day ??

Please… help lol

Party days are usually light crowds. The day after the party is usually heavier crowd. If I were attending the party I wouldn’t go to a park that day. I’d sleep in and have an ADR for Ohana or Storybook Dining around 3:30-4:00 and go to the party after.