MNSSHP dates 2018

I’ve been looking at dates for MNSSHP when we are there next August, but I can’t establish if those indicted by touringplans are confirmed? The WDW site and other sites are suggesting that dates haven’t been released yet and I don’t want to plan my ADRs around this if they will change!

Please can anyone help?

I’m in the same boat, except for our Oct/Nov trip.

When is your ADR date?

Hi, don’t have any yet but trying to make a plan for when our window opens. We are thinking of doing the party on the 28th Aug so wouldn’t make an ADR for this night, but I’m a bit nervous that the dates will change!

The official dates have not been announced yet.

When does your ADR window open?

23rd of this month, but I have no idea when historically they have released the MNSSHP dates?

UPDATE - I’ve just read to keep an eye on the official park hours calendar, as when it says that MK closes at 7pm, it is almost certainly when the party nights are! It is currently showing up to the 4th August so I think that the dates will be pretty much the same as the 180 days for ADRs - should be OK

I did also read however that tickets may not be on sale for a while after that, so will just need to assume that we can get them!

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Most ADRs can be changed - with enough time and patience :slight_smile:

What are the restaurants on your list?

The old trick for figuring out party dates before they were announced was to look at the TA Calendar for dates where MK closing at 7:00 - this was almost always when there was going to be a party. Unfortunately WDW is no longer making this calendar available. However, KtP appears to have an inside source for this data, which so far has proven to be quite reliable. For August the presumed party dates are the 24th, 28th, and 31st, and his September calendar should be available mid-February.


Thanks guys, I’d forgotten about Kenny - his dates are the same as TP so there must be some insider knowledge there!

With regards to restaurants, the only tricky one is BOG which we can normally get, but I wouldn’t want to plan on getting it for a night, and then discover that it is the MNSSHP night!

when you do think the oct and nov KTP calendar will be available?

October: mid-March
November: mid-April

See this post for more information on these calendars: Operating Hours Calendars for Advance Planners

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