Did anyone go to the August 28th Halloween party? That was suppose to be a lower crowd night and I wanted to know what the wait times looked like. We will be going to the Sept 11 party.

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I did not go, but from multiple sources there was heavy rain that kept a lot of people away. So it’s not really a fair comparison for wait times.

I’d still like to have an idea. I wouldn’t expect too many didn’t go, seeing the tickets are nonrefundable. Since I’m scheduled to go on the forecasted lowest crowd night, it should still be more comparable than the first two sold out nights.

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Do you have the lines app on your phone? Or WDW app? You can see posted wait times on them all the time. I was constantly checking them before we went at different times of the day to get an idea of how things would be while we were there. It definitely helped our touring.

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I was there. I’ve read some complaints about crowds on Lines, but I didn’t think it was not that bad at all. It was my first party though, so I have nothing to compare it to. It did feel a bit crowded at the beginning because it was still raining and the outdoor rides were closed, so everyone was doing the same indoor rides/activities. Once the rain stopped, I think the crowds felt light.

We never waited more than 10 minutes for rides, and usually less, and did the following: Astro Orbiter, Buzz, Pirates, BTMRR, Splash and Tomorrowland Speedway. BTMRR wasn’t just before the first parade and we waited 8 mins, if I recall correctly. Splash was during it and was basically walk on. The posted wait time for Space was usually 20-30 minutes throughout, but we didn’t have a chance to ride it.

A few lines for candy were “long,” and by that I mean that it took 5 minutes to walk through the slow-moving queue to reach the candy. We did not wait in any candy lines that looked too long and got plenty of candy throughout the night, especially towards the end.

The only character M&G we did was Jasmine and Genie and for that we waited about 15-20 minutes. We jumped in line right after the fireworks. Note that this line alternates between Jasmine/Genie and Aladdin/Abu about every 30 minutes, so it may be a different set of characters once you reach the front.

We had no problem getting a spot for the second parade 5 minutes before the start. We didn’t have the best spot for the fireworks, but that’s because we didn’t head towards the castle until just before. It was definitely crowded, but not impossible to move (and I had a stroller).

Hope this helps your planning a bit!


Just to say that we’ll be at the same party as you, @autumndavis85! Fingers crossed for nice weather and light crowds…! :slight_smile:

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I was not at the one on the 28th, but did the 24th. It was the most crowded I have ever been at MK. It was the only time I worried about getting separated from my family and made sure to have a meetup place (and we did get separated as the fireworks ended, but luckily we each had one kid with us).

I have no other party to compare it to, we mainy went for rides, fireworks and parade. The fireworks and parade were awesome. Lines for rides were so/so (Space Mountain was over 30 minutes. Haunted Mansion was down for over an hour, we were in line for Pirates for over 20 mins). We only went through a few candy lines as we didn’t really want much, those lines moved fast.

I’m glad we did it, and the I adored the parade and got my Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket. But my family was in agreement that it is not something we would do again.


I was there on the 24th and I agree - the lines for candy were crazy! I understand for characters - but candy!

The mention of Haunted Mansion being down reminded me that Space Mountain was down for a while as well. We managed to ride it shortly after it came online again - about a 25 minute wait, and it came online an hour before the fireworks. My teens rode SM just before the fireworks and had to take some crazy back way - sounds like through the queue to leave. This was mere minutes from the start of the fireworks.

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I do have the lines app but it does not list special character meet and greet wait times. We are wanting to see the 7dwarfs, Cruella, Elvis Stitch and Jack Sparrow.
I’m trying to get my touring plan together but it’s dificult without knowing what wait times to expect…
Yes, I am praying for good weather and light crowds too! So far looks like the weathers gonna be good.

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I would just expect wait times of at least 45 minutes to an hour for those listed, and longer for the really popular ones. I asked about the wait time for Elvis Stitch twice and was told 1 hour at 6:30pm and then 45 minutes about 1 1/2 hours later. We didn’t wait either time and unfortunately he was not out after the fireworks.

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7 Dwarfs and Elvis Stitch are reportedly among the longest. Captain Jack is reported longish, but not quite as long as Moana

From all the reports I’ve seen, Cruella is roaming in Fantasyland and does not have a photo pass photographer with her.

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Yes, we saw Cruella outside of Peter Pan.

Genie and Jasmine/Aladdin and Abu had a short line, I don’t think Jafar’s line was that long either. There were several magic shots near the Haunted Mansion that did not have very long lines.

Lotso had a very long line, also.

We got lucky, and Elvis Stitch was at All Star Sports the for the Luau so we managed to see him there.


8/28 seemed busy early in the party despite the rain. Space was down at the start of the party. I think the party was busier than the one we attended last August. The crowds seemed to dissipate early after the rain stopped. Candy, ride, and picture lines were much shorter by 10pm. I think we got a Lotso picture around 10:30 and there was only two groups in front of us. At 7pm the candy line at the carousel of progress went almost to the lunching pad. Lotso line was very big at that point

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