MNSSHP Crowd Question

We are considering attending MNSSHP the last week of September. Crowd levels for the days we are looking at are a 1 which is awesome. My question, though, has to do with crown levels during the event. Do the crowds tend to get larger during the event or are they about the same as what you see during the day? Will our 1 Day turn into a 10 once the party starts or will it stay low?

It depends on the day

Here is an article by TP that may help:

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I went to MNSSHP the last Sunday in Sept last year and it was awesome. Rode BTMR 3 times without even getting off the train. Splash mountain more than 4 times throughout the night. Almost all rides were walk ons. Longest lines were SDMT at 60 ins most of the night. Haunted mansion was longer at points and so was space mountain due to some down time. Candy lines were no wait and even saw the all seven dwarfs in under 30 mins which if you have been to a crowded party that line can be astronomical… like 2 hours. The only meet and greet that was long was Jack and sally. All the others under 10 mins.