MNSSHP Crowd predictor explanation, please

Howdy all, we’re planning on going to the party on 10/23, which according to Touring Plans will be the busiest party day of the year (25 of 25). Unfortunately, this is the only day that works. My question is, how does NSSHP “busy” compare to the general touring plans crowd predictor? Does this compare to a 5? 7? 10? I’ve read some posts last year that said most rides are just walk on or 10 minute wait, and I’ve read others saying crowded. Just trying to figure out realistic crowd levels and if it’s worth the extra $325 for our family (wife, Dtr 7, son 4). Thoughts?

Unrelated, help me understand the codes. Why does everyone put “D” in front of their family abbreviations? I assume DD6 = daughter 6. Is the first D “Disney?” I assume it’s not dastardly… Just curious. Thanks!

The parties can be “crowded”, but still have low wait times for rides. Many people are there for the trick-or-treating, the special shows, meet and greets for characters you can’t see any other time, Hallowishes and the not to be missed Boo to You parade. It’s also the only time adults can get dressed up, which I would estimate >50% of people do. So there may be a lot of people around, but that may not translate to long ride waits. Will it be walk on? Probably not. But likewise, there won’t be hour + waits for most things, with the possible exception of seven dwarves mine train and Anna and Elsa m&g.

If you’ve never done it, and can afford to do it, I would highly recommend it. DS.and I have done it our last three trips (2 years apart for each) and the last trip DW and DDs joined us. Granted, we’ve always gone in September, but we’ve always had a complete blast.

The “D” can be either translated as Disney or Dear, although when referring to some in-laws, the dear is sarcastic (or maybe dastardly would be better) :wink:


Yes, the “D” prefix goes back to the Internet Stone Age when we were using things like Usenet and Compuserve Forums. Originally intended as Dear, it was more often used with a sarcastic tone (“and then DH got the bright idea to…”).

We actually know a girl who is known as DD because the abbreviation became a family nickname which was then picked up by friends and stuck.

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Oh you will love mnsshp!!! We are going in oct for the third year! Last year we went to the party you are this year… The difference I remember was more crowds walking around from one place to te next… The trick or treat lines were long early then shorter as the night went on… We do first parade (young kids) an could tell there were more people but never had a problem getting a good spot early! i would highly recommend getting into te fun and dressing up! We have a blast every year! I can’t really compare them to a regular park day since it’s so different… No ride lines but crowds of people smoking around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: have fun!!!

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Wait, you mean back in the dinosaur age when all we had was green screen CRTs and text only? Graphics? What were they? :smiley: