MNSSHP & Costumes


I am SO EXCITED to dress up for MNSSHP!!! I have the most fantastic Alice outfit ready to go! However, convincing DS16 to join me in dress up has been less than successful. He is glad to wear his great top hat, but has completely shut down any proposed Mad Hatter costuming beyond that. I did manage to find a Mad Hatter t-shirt he approved of, but that’s as far as it will go.

Do many people dress up for MNSSHP? What have you worn / will you wear? Please tell me I won’t be the only 40+ person dressed like a child for Halloween :rofl:


You definitely will not be the only 40+ person dressed up. We have dressed up every time we have attended the party–usually a group theme. We have done Inside Out, Monsters University, Toy Story, Frozen.


I am 40+ and was Joy from Inside Out. Super fun and a cooler dress for the 90 degree days/evening. I did blue hairspray instead of wig to avoid wearing a hot wig. My DS, DH, and DM (Disney Mom) weren’t dressed up but didn’t let it stop me! I had a lot of fun and they survived just fine!


I am dressing up I have a Malificent outfit but the horns are starting to droop and too big anyway. I made Mickey Malificent mouse ears, I also had to shorten the costume because I don’t want to drag it. My son is only wearing a T-shirt. Some people don’t do dress up at al. Anything goes.


We are attending the party on Halloween and the kids have there outfits ready ! Just T-shirt’s for DW and I but spooky themed … can’t wait !


I’m dressing as Princess Leia on Endor. I’m even bringing a stuffed Ewok. You won’t be the only one dressed up. Lol