MNSSHP costume idea for boy

Planning on attending MNSSHP this September. Looking for costume ideas for an 11 year old boy. I don’t want him to be too hot and he won’t want to look babyish. I also want it to be comfortable for rides. Six year old daughter wants to be Jasmine and he has no interest in being Alladin. Any ideas and or pics are welcome.

My son loved being a pirate. Easy costume - smudged/torn t shirt, bandana, and some makeup for some five o’clock shadow and a black eye. Also nice and cool. You/he can accessorize to your heart’s content.

Alternatively, if you want to spend the money, you may be able to get a late reservation to Pirate’s League and have them do a makeover. We did that last trip. Don’t be discouraged if they say there’s no availability, the late times probably haven’t opened up yet. Here’s a picture.

The Mermaid was an option for girls - I don’t know if it still is.

Pirates are great. You could also consider Earth’s Mightiest Costumes (the Avengers, I’m partial to Captain America myself). My stepson did a sorcerer costume one year with a cape and a pointy hat we made (cheap fabric with bendy wire sewn in).

Might be be interested in being the Genie? He’s a very fun character, and the costume would be fairly easy: blue clothes, a red belt. Pirate is easy, as @Agent_C said. Or, if he’s really resistant to doing a big costume at all, what about being a stereotypical tourist to Hawaii? Hawaiian shirt, a cheap lei (Dollar Tree should have them at this time of year), maybe a straw hat. Dunno, these are just off the top of my head.


@Suzukistacy my first thought was Genie too, but what about being Jafar? Then he can be a villain, which would be more fun for some boys. Black shorts, black t-shirt, and tie a long red sash around his waist. Then all you really have to find (or make) is a hat.

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Flynn Rider. Khakis, boots, white shirt, blue vest, and a letter satchel.

you forgot the smolder

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Hahaha!! The smolder. I did forget - but li’l boys are good at the smolder. My 3 yr old is a total flirt!!

My son was jack skellington last year and that was awesome!