MNSSHP characters

I know that some of the character meets have huge lines. Are there any fun ones that have less crazy lines? We would like to do one or two, but not spend most of the party in line for a meet.

Wondering myself what the lines for Moana are like?

We went last October, and did not try to see the Seven Dwarfs or Jack and Sally, these lines were HUGE!. However, the line for Moana was about 30 minutes - we saw her about mid-event. We waited only about 5 minutes for Jane & Terk toward the beginning of the party, Tarzan was not there at that time. We waited to see Stitch dressed as Elvis toward the end of the evening and waited about 30 minutes as well.

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Last year there was a pretty extensive line for Moana even before the party started. I was towards the front, but if I remember correctly, by the time they let us into the Tiki Room queue we pretty much filled the whole thing and it was out on the walkway.