MNSSHP and kids in costumes advice

Hello forum! We are attending MNSSHP 10/26. I’m hoping some other parents here have some advice for costumes. My children are wearing disney store costumes that have long sleeves (Elsa and Lightening McQueen). I am wondering how long other children have worn the costumes, and back up plans. I am planning to bring Halloween tee shirts if they get too hot. Any advice would be helpful :).

We took our costumes off after about an hour, once it got dark. Just stuffed them into a backpack and went on with the night. :slight_smile:

Ok that’s what we will probably do. I don’t see them wanting to be in them all night. Too easy for mommy.

:slight_smile: Yeah, gotta keep Mom on her toes. It will probably depend on the weather for you. The night we went last year, it was still pretty hot and we were kind of sweaty and miserable, so taking them off felt great.

We were at mnsshp last Friday… Ds5 wore a thin fabric, long sleeve and pants ninja costume all night and ds 8 months wore a long sleeve onesie from disney store… We wore costumes all night And even had to put on sweaters in the evening! The weather isn’t too hot anymore :slight_smile: I always pack a large ziplock of a change of clothes and throw it under stroller as a just in case! Ds would never think about taking off costume (I wore mine all night too!) have fun!!!

last year my daughter wore her witch costume all night. but it had short sleeves.

We planned for short sleeves / no extras / no head gear type costumes this year and wore them all night.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: