MNSSHP & AK Pandora during a business Conference..?


Hiya... I in a conundrum here because I will be visiting Orlando in October, from the 14th till the 18th to be exact, for a conference. So I figured since I am in Orlando I could get my fix... I am thinking the sunday 15th MNSSHP, I have never been before and it looks AH-Mazing!! Yay and on the 16th I can get out at 3:30 to go to AK Pandora since I haven't seen it yet. The only issues I have are that 1. I'll be by myself (is it safe you think? mainly transportation to and from the Hotel and 2. Is the expense for a party/park ticket justifiable do you think or not? I am not going again until next year august with the family, but being sooooo close to WDW and not go?!


Doooooo iiiiiiiit. You know you want to. I wouldn't hesitate to do it. You'll be fine via cab/uber/hotel transportation.


I am in the same position. I just booked a conference at the Dolphin in September. I also haven't been to MNSSHP and am thinking of going on my arrival day before the conference. Since it's only September I think I'll get my ticket when I get there to avoid being ticked off if there are flight delays.

The thought of safety going on my own never crossed my mind. I'm not really worried about that. Are you staying on property? I don't think I'd be worried about the Disney transportation.

I'm actually kinds of excited to do what I want to do and not worry about anyone else's agenda, tired feet or pleas for candy!


If you were looking for people to talk you out of it, you came to the wrong forum. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL right?! YESSSS I am doing it and like @tjkjbarton said, I can do what-ever-I-want... Oh my... :heart_eyes:


I'm totally excited about this. I was there in June with my family and got an AP because we had a long trip and we wanted the PP and the discounts. I didn't expect to be able to use it again, but then this conference came along and I jumped on it. Oh, yeah, and I think the conference will be good too. . .


Well said.:laughing:


Oh Yeah the conference. Ahem. I just hope I don't ditch it altogether! 'Honey how was your conference?' Uhm yeah. good, you know, same old same old. :innocent:
Am crazy excited about this plan! yay!


Me too. DH knows, but the kids don't yet. Need to try not to be too excited in front of them. DS4 DOES NOT like it when mommy travels without him.


Additional question: Can I use my Magic Band from when we were there in April this year for both tickets: AK & MNSSHP? Or would you recommend just going to the gate and getting a ticket? Or maybe another alternative?


If you purchase tickets online through up your MDE account the tickets will link to your MB. You can immediately try to make some AK FPs and usually online sales save you a few dollars!


Your conference might have special ticket prices, whether for normal all-day, or after 3 p.m. Take advantage of those prices if it works better for you. I agree that you should try to get them now, so you can link them to your MDE and make FPP.