MNSSHP 2017 Touring Plan

Are there touring plans for the MNSSHP for 2017?
I will be going 9/10. Our priorities are rides, treats/shows, then characters.
So mainly interested in the rides open since we cannot fast pass during the event.

You can FPP with a party ticket 3:30,4:30,5:30. Party ticket historically gets you in the park at 4pm.

Thank you! That’s what I was looking for.
Still learning everything about Touring Plan.

This was my plan for last year’s MNSSHP: … I’ve set it to your date so it updates CL and any closures.

It worked really well… look in the notes under individual steps to see where I built in trick or treat stops. An advantage to watching the parade from Town Square (even if you aren’t doing the dessert party, which is how I built the plan) is that Mickey and Tink will have little to no wait at Town Square, and this allows for lengthier M&Gs. Tink spent around 8 minutes with my niece last year, telling her a whole long story, because there was nobody in line at all! We went and did that while the others held our parade spot.

One thing that may have to change is that in the the past the park was open to all guests until 7:00, and this year apparently they’re closing to non-party guests at 6:00. FP times will have to be adjusted accordingly, but the FP system doesn’t differentiate between party tickets and regular tickets, so it will let you book one for 3:30 (so you’ll have 30 minutes to use it after you can enter at 4:00), and one for 4:30. I’m not sure if it will let us book a 5:30 one this year, though. It really shouldn’t be necessary, however, because if the regular hours end at 6:00 then they will stop letting non-party guests into the queues at 6:00.

EDIT TO ADD: the above section about using FPP on party tickets is apparently no longer valid :frowning:


This is only for MVMCP. MNSSHP dates still have 7pm closing for day guests per the hours calendar.

Ahhh… then there’s no problem getting 3 then anyway, though they’re still not necessary, if you look at predicted waits in the TP.

I have tickets for MNSSHP for 8/29 and I will also be spending the day in MK (I have both tickets). Does anyone know if I have to leave the park and re enter again at the time of the party?

I’ve heard (don’t know if it’s true or not) that you need a bracelet or something like that…

You will not have to leave. There will be CM inside at various locations who can scan you and provide the required wrist band.


Thank you AuntB. I was wondering that also

Thank you, also AuntB! I coudn’t find any information on the subject! you helped a lot

This helps… Thanks :grin:

What happens if you are in MK, but not going to the Halloween party?

You will need to leave by 7pm. CMs will be checking for wrist bands. You will not be able to enter attractions or stores without the wrist band. They are pretty good at herding none party folks out of the park.

Is it possible to change our MNSSHP to another day? We bought MNSSHP tix when they went on sale for 1 date, but we just got BOG reservations for another day. Can we transfer our tickets to the new day? Thanks.

No… special event tickets are unchangeable once you’ve purchased them. Even though there was the possibility of a hurricane on our date last year, they told us we could not change unless that party date was actually canceled, in which case we’d be refunded and could buy tickets to another night of they were available.

Officially no but I know of a few people who called and were able to get them changed to another day. It can’t hurt to ask.