MNSSHP 2017 Character Meets

Hi, heard Moana is meeting at the party. How long is the line and when should I line up. I would like to hit 7 Dwarfs, Moana, Jafar. Would I be wasting all party time in line?

At 7pm 8/25 Moana line was reported 2hr45min by CMs. 7Dwarf was similar. You will likely need to prioritize or you will miss most of the other party activities

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We loved meeting Moana at Hollywood Studios. Wish they would move her to 'Ohana at dinner time!


Sounds like character lines were long for first night. Where is best place to see list of character locations and estimated wait times online? We are going in 3 weeks and want to prioritize.

Thanks. That’s too bad… was hoping we could do both.

THIS WOULD BE AWESOME. I guess they aren’t doing that because O’hana dinner is already very popular.