MNSSH Crowd Levels

We are heading down to DW the week of Labor day and were thinking about doing the Scary party again. We did this 4 years ago around the same time and we thought that the crowd levels were not too bad. They were higher than i thought they would be for the cost but still we had a good time. I have been reading that every night even the early ones are getting to be out of control with the amount of tickets sold and the longer lines for everything. I have also heard that this maybe due to the fact they last year they sold unlimited passes for 299 (not sure if that is correct)

Just curious if this is the case with large crowds. I have a DS7 and DD4 so they make going and staying late for this kinda hard.

The parties in 2019 were very crowded. Not every single night, but a lot of them. Here are pictures from late August last year. I do blame the $299 unlimited pass for a bit of it. However, WDW was also selling far more tickets to the event than years past, instead of limiting it to a smaller crowd. They were also selling vouchers for MNSSHP at local grocery stores that were valid even on nights listed as “Sold Out”.


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I love, love, love MNSSHP but we went two times last year (once in August and once in October) and was so disappointed. The crowds were horrible and neither night was sold out. Taking this off my list until they stop overselling them :frowning:

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I have great memories of MNSSHP from 2002 and 2012. Crowds were low and wait times were reasonable except for a few character meet and greets.

We skipped MNSSHP, however, last year and although I was torn at the time, after I heard about what the crowds were like, I’m glad we skipped it.

My wife and I are debating whether to get tix for this year, but our current plan is to skip due to the high crowd levels. If it were just my wife and I, we would likely do it, but I don’t think my kids will enjoy it with those high crowd levels.

Twice in 2019. I almost left during the first party due to crowds. I knew what to expect with the second party so it wasn’t so bad and I managed better.