MNSS Halloween Party crowds on Friday of TZTT 10-miler weekend

Would crowds be less for the Halloween party on Thursday Oct. 2 or Friday Oct 3 of the Tower of Terror 10-miler weekend?


We went to the party on the Thursday of the race in 2012. Crowds were great; we only waited about 20 minutes for the 7 Dwarfs meet and greet, and walked on everything else (Splash, Space, etc.) We stayed for the second parade and got great seats about 15 minutes before it started. Don't know if crowds have increased since then (since it seems Fall has become incredibly popular- and rightfully so!)

Thanks!! My gut says Thursday, but scheduling may push to Friday. Do you know if touringplans has info on days to visit the events?

Many thanks

Not sure- happy to pass it on if I come across any blog entries!

Not sure about how the race effects MNSSHP, but I did find a blog post regarding the relative crowd level for various MNSSHP. Maybe you could find the equivalent date for last year to give you a better idea of the crowd levels for the 2 days you are considering.