MNNSHP hard ticket?

Last year I got a hard ticket in the mail for MNNSHP well before our trip… I realized I didn’t this time - can I use magic band/magic mobile for it now?


Yes. Provided you have linked the pass to yourself in your MDE that will work.

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I got nervous for the same reason last year for MVMCP as we didn’t get tickets in the mail. I had to look back at the confirmation email I got when I purchased the tickets, and it said “delivery method: online delivery” or something similar, and there was a bar code type ticket in the email. I printed those out to take with us just in case but we were able to check in with magic band.

I think what’s scary is both that they used to (yearrrrrrrs ago now) mail physical cards, and also that the option for delivery is “will call” but they email them to you (which is not, IME, what “will call” means)

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Went back to check and hope this is helpful

This is what it said for last years MVMCP - “email” delivery:

This is what the confirmation for this year looks like - “mobile” now but same with bar code in email:

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I got physical cards mailed to me for Jollywood Nights. When I ordered them online, it gave me the option to do that, or to just have it emailed. I don’t know if that’s true for the other parties (MNSSHP and MVMCP).

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