MM Share!

Can someone share the instructions for how to set up a MM account sharing between three MDE accounts? Thank you so much!

In a nutshell:

One account purchases the MM. This will be the only account able to download photos without watermarks. All the other accounts will see watermarks on their photos.

If you are doing this as a share with people you have found online, you can set up a secondary MDE account to use as the account that owns the MM. That then allows you to share the login details so that everyone who is part of the share can login and download their own photos.

Connecting everyone:

Through the friends and family page in MDE, everyone who will be collecting pictures on the trip needs to connect to the account that owns the MM.

Make sure the settings are correct - share photos for sure. Choose appropriately for how you want to share plans.

One little tricky thing with connecting, make sure that every individual is connected. For example, I have my own MDE account with my own email address. My DH, however, only exists as a guest created and managed within my account. To connect him to the account that owns the MM, the person who owns that account must request to connect with him using his name and the email for my account.

As everyone takes and collects pictures, those who are connected will be able to
view each other’s photos. When you are ready, activate the MM and download.