MM Share late October & early Dec

Hello, just looking for sharing groups for the end of Oct & beginning of Dec. thank you :smile:

Looking for share Oct 22-29 also

we will be there Oct 21-23 and would love a share…

Well, we’re nearly a share just with the 3 of us. I have an extra account I can setup a share in. :smile:

I have one other person who wants to share…do you have your group set?

I am happy to set up group or have one other person interested. Please let me know if you would like to join

We don’t have a group, but I’d love to join yours :smile:

I received an email from you today but it failed when I tried to respond. YES we would love to have you join our group, right now there are three of us. I will try again to respond to your email tomorrow and give you details

we have 3 in our group, if you would like to join then we will be at the max that I would like to have.

What are your Dec. dates? I am Nov. 19-23. Would love to share if there is an overlap.

I have started to set up and account, please email me at and we can decide which way to proceed.

please let me know as I want to let the other person in our group know whose account he she put his info with.I can be reached at

Email sent :smile:

I will be there from Oct 11-17, would that work for a share?

that will be great…please email me at I will need your DE to request you be added. I am working with wesmom and Donald to set up the four of us.

I sent you and email this morning. Donald will be traveling and needs us to set up the account. If I do not hear from you by 4:30 EST I will add Donald to my DE and I will add your email address you used this morning, let me know if that is not the right one. We have one other dvdang that will be joining us so then we will be set.

Sorry, wasn’t sure how to respond back and find my post so it took a while.
I did find another share I signed up for if I was included in this one, it can be offered to someone else.
Thank you though!