MM share issues

Beginning to think a MM share is just not worth it! We actually went to WDW with friends and just shared between the two of us. My friend is the purchaser.

I log on my account and see all my pictures. When I go on her account, some are missing. I need to download from her account, obviously. Go back to mine, they are there. Is it because of whose band was zapped at the time? We are all linked- our husbands, kids etc. I just want to download these stinkin’ pictures already!!!

Is there a way to just download certain pictures so I don’t have to download hers?

And…how do you get rid of the stock photos they put up of characters on their own? That’s such a pain!

Sorry-- feeling cranky about all this and need help! ha ha Thanks!

okay I figured it out with regards to family/friends- my husband and the purchaser were not linked. So that should solve it. But how do I get rid of those stupid character shots they automatically give you? Thanks!

I am planning on doing this with a friend in October. My friend has an account linked to mine. Based on your experience, do all the members of her party need to be linked to my account (I purchased it) for this to work? I’m only linked to the wife Thx. and fyi, in the past, I just dowloaded everything and deleted the ones I didn’t want. That was easiest for me.

Yes, all need to be linked because you never know who’s magic band is going to get zapped! My daughter loved having hers being zapped, and my husband occasionally did it- so in order for all pictures to show up for download, everyone should be linked. I guess I’ll just download it all then, thanks!

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Thank you! We are not all linked, so will have to figure out how to do that.

Just figured this out! If you and “Sarah” are linked then all your respective family and friends are already options for connecting as well. Just go to family and friends on the account that bought the MM. Choose add guest and all your individual family and friends should pop up. You just need to check mark the ones you want to add. The account manager will get an email asking if it’s okay. Done!

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@Anna_Wells, when you did this, do “friends” show up in your “family” list? I hope that makes sense. I guess Disney can’t tell how is friend and who is family and lumps everyone together. But they all show up on my account, I purchased the MM and according to Disney, can manage their account, so I assume I’ve done this correctly and all of the photos we each take will now show up in my account? sorry if that’s too basic of a question. I’ve never shared MM before and as the person responsible, do not want to screw it up for my friend!

If your account is the one that purchased MM everyone just needs to show up in your friends and family and no, Disney does not distinguish between the two. Sharing MM for the first time next month and got so frustrated I finally called a CM who patiently got me to this point. So glad I wasn’t the only one finding the whole thing less than intuitive :slight_smile:

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good luck . . hope it works well for you. We will not be going until October so I have a little more time to worry about whether I have it right :smile:

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