MM Share for August 2017

Anyone interested in a MemoryMaker share for August 2017? I’m organizing a group. My family’s travel dates are 7/31 to 8/11.

I’d be interested, our dates are 8/29-9/2, might be too much of a time gap between us?

I’m not sure how this works. I have MM and we are at WDW from 24th August to 1st September.

That should work. The window for downloading your photos would be September 3 to September 12.

Basically, everyone in the share group links their MDE accounts, and that way we can split the cost of MM over multiple families. Do you mean that you’ve already purchased MM for your visit? If that’s the case, it would work only if (i) you’re willing to organize the group, or (ii) you’re willing to transfer the MM entitlement to me and I can organize. I can send you a PDF with detailed instructions on how to organize the group, if you are interested in doing so.

So far our group schedule would be something like:

  • First day in parks: 7/31
  • Last day in parks: 9/2
  • Last day to order MM: 7/28
  • First photo expires: 9/13
  • Date of first download: 9/3
  • Last day to add more pictures: 9/11
  • Date of final download: 9/12

Still room for 3 or 4 more families, if more folks are interested! Any travel dates that fall entirely within the range of 7/31 to 9/2 should work.

Well I’m from the UK and MM is free/compulsory with the ticket. So I have it already.

I’m happy (I think) to run the show if people give me instructions. And after all the extras I’ve booked I could use the extra cash!

Great! Sent you the instructions in a private message just now.

I want to join!