Mm share/are they on to us? wont let me buy for the group?

I keep trying to add to my cart in the ghost acct I have created, the MM for our October share. When I click “add to cart” it disappears. Does anyone else have this issue or know why?

Have you tried a different browser? Sometimes I have to switch from Explorer to Chrome (or vice-versa) on the Disney site.

or an incognito browser in Chrome!

Wondering if you got this worked out. I actually purchased the MM on my account, and then assigned it to the dummy account. I read that is what I should do. Wondering if it is because an account with no ticket, reservation, etc can’t buy MM (just taking a stab at why).

and fyi - it is fine to share MM in a group! You aren’t breaking any rules. :slight_smile:

It got worked out. I made the birthday on the dummy acct for a 16 yr old. You have to be 18 to buy mm. Duh!

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