MLK @ Disney World

Hi all! Looking for some advice. We have booked a trip to WDW from Monday 1/18-Saturday 1/23. Knowing that MLK Day is on 1/18, we would not go into the parks until Tuesday 1/19. Do you think the parks will be super crowded on the days after MLK? Our goal for going in January is to avoid crowds as much as possible! Although we chose these dates b/c we can use Monday as a travel day (kids have no school) and our school district also doesn’t have school on Tuesday 1/19. So less time for the kids to miss! I have already checked crowd calendars but thought some may have experience going to WDW during that time. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

We’ve been that time of year several times, and while the weekend itself can get pretty busy, the week after has been much lighter in my experience. There are some stragglers that stretch the long weekend on Tuesday, but even that isn’t too bad and the crowds are great by Wednesday.

We’ve done that week twice and are going again in 2016. 2014 was not bad at all. 2015 was very busy on the actual holiday. We were at HS and were quite surprised by the crowd level. The rest of the week fine, right back to value season level.