MK with EMH Advice

After reading about Kenny the Pirate’s crowd calendars on this forum I checked them out today. We are going to WDW in early May for 7 nights, 8 days with a 5 day park ticket (no hopper). Our current order of parks, starting on a Sunday, is: Epcot, HS (hoping for EMM to be released), MK (again hoping for EMM to be released), rest day with princess tea at GF for my oldest, AK, and MK. We are traveling with my parents and DD almost 3 and DD 5. None of our days currently have EMH scheduled except the Friday at MK. If Disney releases EMM for our other MK day we will have almost all our attractions taken care of between that time and FP+. Accordingly, I was thinking that EMH on our last day will actually benefit us because we can get a few more things done before CP at 10:40 and then a break at our resort (Poly). We plan to end our trip with BOG dinner and the after- fireworks dessert party. On the other hand, Kenny the Pirate’s predicted CL is “worst” for MK that day and if I switch my MK and AK days around they will both be (predicted) low crowd days. Will the EMH make it unbearable at MK for our last day or will we be able to get a few things done before our break? I’m a little worried I won’t be able to get a replacement BOG if we switch days . . . Sorry for the super long post! I’m trying to get everything figured out before our FP+ day.

Relax, take a deep breath, and stick with your current plans. Personally, I do not trust KtP’s crowd calendars all that much, as I do not think that they have the research or statistical rigor behind them that the TP crowd calendars do. Don’t get me wrong, KtP definitely knows the parks and is a wealth of good information, but when he and TP don’t agree I would go with TP.

Re EMH making things unbearable on your last day, make a Personalized TP and see what the Optimizer has to say. Also, I recently ran a lot of TP tests, and one of the things I found was that for the TPs in question not taking advantage of mEMH hours wasn’t as bad of a thing as conventional wisdom says it is.

Thanks! I’ll try to stop second guessing all my plans.