MK with a 1 year old, rides

My nephew is one when we visit MK. Can we bring him with us on rides like “It´s a small world” and “Winnie the pooh” that don´t have height requirements? And if I get it right he won´t need a fast pass.

Yes you can and no he won’t need FPP. Peterpan is another good one.

Yes, you can bring him on any ride or any show without a height requirement. Our 1 year old liked all of the boats like It’s a Small World, Living with the Land, 3 Caballeros, etc. We also did Peter Pan, Dumbo, Little Mermaid, Seas with Nemo, Spaceship Earth, etc etc.

Take a look through the forum for the lists of good play spaces as well!

I’ve been to Disney twice with 1 year olds and there was so much they could do. We used our baby bjorn to feel safer with rides that go up in the air, like Dumbo & Peter Pan.

And Buzz’s Space Ranger Spin!

And PeopleMover!

Not gonna lie, though, the lines are brutal. A walkthrough is ok, any stop and wait is painful. My DS could walk right under the ropes, so away he went. The bag of toys we hauled with us worked sometimes and not others. Food was our best line distraction.

Thank you so much everyone!! My sister in law was so relieved when she heard this:-) Apparently he can do a lot more than we thought.